Learning Activities · Small Manipulatives

Quick Egg Hunt- Gone Educational

This is a ridiculously obvious activity. However, if you are like me you probably haven’t taken advantage of the greatness that is the egg hunt. There is no need to wait until Easter morning! PLEASE! Let’s make the joy of finding colorful plastic eggs last all year round…or at least a week or two. For… Continue reading Quick Egg Hunt- Gone Educational

Sensory Play

Cranberry Sensory Bin

Here is a lovely seasonal sensory bin. I have done this multiple times and it is always a big hit. I think because those lovely little cranberries float instead of sink. The children always highly enjoy it! Some tool ideas: nets, tongs, whisk, noodle getter outer (yup thats its name), Handy Helper tool, baster, measuring… Continue reading Cranberry Sensory Bin

Learning Activities · Sensory Play

Straw Snipping

Here is a simple sensory play. It also is a ridiculously fun way to work on scissors cutting. All you need is: straws scissors bin (optional) Hand your child some scissors and a straw and let them practice their snipping. The best part about cutting straws is quite often the small piece you snip ends… Continue reading Straw Snipping