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Simple Sensory Color Hunt

I am all about the simple supplies, set up and clean up! I love when I can throw an activity together in 5 minutes top and my little one is happy and content for 30 plus! Magical. Today my little one was begging to do play dough, but I often get it out and she… Continue reading Simple Sensory Color Hunt

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St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

I am so bad at planning holiday activities AHEAD of time when I am not teaching preschool! But this year I have a 2 year old who is OBSESSED with coins. We got her a little leapfrog cash register that counts when you put the money into it and she loves counting the coins at… Continue reading St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

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Play Dough from start to finish

This is a favorite activity in my house. Only problem is this dough lasts so long I don’t feel like we can make a new batch as often as we want to! What you need: 1 cup salt 2 cups flour 2 cups water 1 TBS oil (vegetable or coconut) 1 heaping TBS cream of… Continue reading Play Dough from start to finish

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Colored Cups and Jingle Bells

My tot and I needed a quick and fun activity this morning. I knew I wanted to use our jingle bells and work on colors. I ran down to the preschool room and grabbed my little colored cups. (We use these babies ALL THE TIME!) You can get your own and a baggy of counting… Continue reading Colored Cups and Jingle Bells

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Straw Snipping

Here is a simple sensory play. It also is a ridiculously fun way to work on scissors cutting. All you need is: straws scissors bin (optional) Hand your child some scissors and a straw and let them practice their snipping. The best part about cutting straws is quite often the small piece you snip ends… Continue reading Straw Snipping

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Play dough mats – 5 ways to play

(This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. What that means is if you click and purchase something I will get a percentage of that sale. I participate in affiliate sales to help support my blog and to keep it running.) Guys play dough mats are the bomb! There are so many ways… Continue reading Play dough mats – 5 ways to play

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Flavored Water Experiment

This was such a fun little experiment! It was inspired by my daughter. She saw me squeezing lime into my water bottle and she declared, “I want to be a water maker too!” I love when my children inspire a new activity, that is lead by them, and I just get to facilitate it. So… Continue reading Flavored Water Experiment

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How To Do Play Dough

Ask yourself the following (extremely very important) questions Do you want to have your children play creatively? Do you struggle with big messy activities? Do you wish an activity would keep your child’s attention for more than 5 minutes? Does play dough with your children intimidate you? If you answered yes to any of these… Continue reading How To Do Play Dough