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Shaving cream hunt- Get what you want out of a planned activity

I have always loved textures.  Even as a little girl I hated the textures of towels, napkins, and paper towels.  I was obsessed with minky blankets, flour, and shaving cream.  I know, weird.  However, as a mom I get to pretend I am making activities for my children, when really I just love to play… Continue reading Shaving cream hunt- Get what you want out of a planned activity

Sensory Play

Hidden Toy Sensory Play

Here is an activity that you can twist and fix to fit your little ones likes. Don’t look at what I have used and think, “Well I don’t have 97 pompoms and a container of counting bugs so this activity is out.” Do you have some cotton balls? How about you munchkins favorite tiny dinosaurs… Continue reading Hidden Toy Sensory Play

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A Manageable Mess- activity and clean up

I am about to say something crazy. Maybe even terrible. You might even dislike me after the statement is out.  It is important to let your munchkins play messy. I’ve lost my mind you say? Yes probably, but the statement remains true. Playing with something messy can teach our children important concepts. I know it… Continue reading A Manageable Mess- activity and clean up

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Simple Sensory Color Hunt

I am all about the simple supplies, set up and clean up! I love when I can throw an activity together in 5 minutes top and my little one is happy and content for 30 plus! Magical. Today my little one was begging to do play dough, but I often get it out and she… Continue reading Simple Sensory Color Hunt

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St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

I am so bad at planning holiday activities AHEAD of time when I am not teaching preschool! But this year I have a 2 year old who is OBSESSED with coins. We got her a little leapfrog cash register that counts when you put the money into it and she loves counting the coins at… Continue reading St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

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Salt Tray Painting

If you know anything about me my favorite, last minute, activities are EASY to set up. Here is one of my favorite sensory, learning AND creative activity. I love this activity because it can be as fun or educational as you want it to be. Looking for a simple 20 minute playtime? This is your… Continue reading Salt Tray Painting