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Cereal Box Shapes – Breakfast reused

Boston and I like to save boxes and make them into stuff.  Volcanoes, rockets, jails, superhero fortresses, the possibilities are endless.  This usually just entails some construction paper, stickers, glue, and scissors. However, we started getting a little on the “hoarder” side of things, so we came up with a different idea to knock out… Continue reading Cereal Box Shapes – Breakfast reused

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My new FAVORITE phrase, the perfect summer book, and a fun summer activity

I have been reading a book that has really opened my eyes on the importance of nature in my boys’ life.  Learning Is in Bloom: Cultivating Outdoor Explorations (here) taught me that the comfort, learning, sensitivity for life, sense of wonder, and calming influence that can be gained from teaching our children about nature and encouraging… Continue reading My new FAVORITE phrase, the perfect summer book, and a fun summer activity

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Interests to Passion to Horse Poop Stars

I have so many things I want for my boys.  I want them to be happy.  I want them to have friends.  I want them to find love.  I want them to be grateful and appreciate the small things.  I want them to have skills and feel successful at something.  I want them to feel… Continue reading Interests to Passion to Horse Poop Stars

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Rocket Engineer-Introducing Math

Supplies: Any and all craft supplies you have on hand Any little glueable items you have (buttons, pom poms, jewels, beads, popsicle sticks, etc) An empty butter box or toilet paper roll or something you can use for the body of the rocket (or car or monster truck…whatever your little LOVES) Mod Podge or glue… Continue reading Rocket Engineer-Introducing Math

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Patterns-help your little understand his/her world

PATTERNS!  I have been thinking about how important they are lately.  Understanding patterns can really help our littles understand the world around them.  Something as simple as: I hit, someone cries, mom is mad.  That is a pattern.  I am hungry, I eat, I feel better.  Explaining to our kids that patterns are all around us… Continue reading Patterns-help your little understand his/her world

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Outside Word Play (Take a Minute Tuesday…)

Alright guys, I think this is a spin off of some activities Kelsie has done in the past for a new SUMMER addition 🙂 What you’ll need: Chalk Rocks Permanent Marker What to do: Pick whatever you want to work on with your cutie (shapes, colors, math, words, letters)  I chose letter sounds and sight… Continue reading Outside Word Play (Take a Minute Tuesday…)

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5 Minute Camping Dramatic Play

Oh my goodness! We had SO much fun with this dramatic play.  It took me five minutes to set up.  I put the tent up, made a little fire, and put some sleeping bags in the tent. I made the logs out of rolled up brown paper, and the fire was just construction paper. We… Continue reading 5 Minute Camping Dramatic Play

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Simple Sensory Color Hunt

I am all about the simple supplies, set up and clean up! I love when I can throw an activity together in 5 minutes top and my little one is happy and content for 30 plus! Magical. Today my little one was begging to do play dough, but I often get it out and she… Continue reading Simple Sensory Color Hunt

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5 AMAZING parenting tricks

I absolutely love how magical and exciting and fun it is to have toddlers in my home.  Both my boys bring me so much joy and light.  I love watching them grow and learn, but the weight of teaching a tiny human to be a good human is definitely overwhelming.  There are so many great… Continue reading 5 AMAZING parenting tricks