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5 minute toy hack-how to make old seem new

I don’t know who gets bored of our toys faster, my boys or me.  Its like, how many times can you make the little car go down the ramp?  Sometimes I actually want to cry when my oldest, Boston, asks me to build a tower.  I go through it in my head: build tower, it gets… Continue reading 5 minute toy hack-how to make old seem new

Imaginative Play

Doctors Office Play

So my daughter stayed home ‘sick’ today. Really we had a rough night and I told her if she wanted to stay home we could snuggle and watch Harry Potter.  After a little morning snuggle time the 5 year old requested a doctors office. It took me 3 minutes to pull out my dramatic play box… Continue reading Doctors Office Play

Imaginative Play

Ice Skating Imaginative Play

In honor of December we have set up our Ice Skate Rink…in our basement. Every week or two I try to switch our dramatic play area and I thought I’d share how easy it is to make a quick fun set up with things you already have! First we have our ice skating rink. I… Continue reading Ice Skating Imaginative Play