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When it is a lot of work

Chores and errands seem like shoveling while it is snowing when you have littles.  Put them in, buckle them up.  “Don’t touch that, it’s yucky!”  Fighting, crying, whining.    “I had just folded those!!!”  Unbuckle them, take them out.  “No, we can’t get that.  I know you want it, but you want everything.”  Snacks, sippy… Continue reading When it is a lot of work

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I Won’t Waste Another Wish

I sometimes picture myself as an older woman. My children have flown the coup. My sweet husband and I have dinner with only each other as company most nights. I fill my days with…I really can’t picture that part. Will there really be a time in my life where I am not trying to keep… Continue reading I Won’t Waste Another Wish

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Gratitude, it comes from behind you

Working out made me miserable.  “Running makes me feel so happy.”  I called bullcrap to that and everyone who said it.  Running, or any other exercise (besides tennis…tennis is good) makes me feel annoyed at my lungs in the moment and mad at my legs the next day.  I tried everything.  Lifting, zumba, running, classes, outside routines, gymnastics… Continue reading Gratitude, it comes from behind you