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7 HACKS to get your kids to eat

Three meals a day=three hours every day where I sound something like this, “Eat your food!  Sit back down!  Please eat two more bites!  Sit down!  Don’t put your feet on the table!  Eat your food, not whatever you just picked up off the floor!  Don’t fight please!  Come back here and eat.  This is why… Continue reading 7 HACKS to get your kids to eat

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4 Simple Dinner Hacks

Dear Dinner Time, Why must you come right when my children decide to turn into tiny monsters?  And why must you make me resemble some mix between Cruella Devil and the Beast?  My husband may be slightly scared of me because of you.  We always start out as friends.  We have big dreams.  I spend… Continue reading 4 Simple Dinner Hacks