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Don’t try to be a good mom

  Brene Brown has given many famous TED talks, written books, and been interviewed about her research on shame, courage, and vulnerability.  Her interview with Tim Ferriss (here) was so inspirational I listened to it twice in a row. I have long sense thrown in the towel for trying to be the “perfect mom” (I wrote… Continue reading Don’t try to be a good mom

love · Mother's Musings · The Educated Parent

The most powerful tool parents have

We innately crave the love of our mother’s very deeply.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  I have even realized that I still do things to this day in hopes of impressing her, or even winning MORE of that love.  I recently read Siblings Without Rivalry, and I highly recommend it to all… Continue reading The most powerful tool parents have

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When it is a lot of work

Chores and errands seem like shoveling while it is snowing when you have littles.  Put them in, buckle them up.  “Don’t touch that, it’s yucky!”  Fighting, crying, whining.    “I had just folded those!!!”  Unbuckle them, take them out.  “No, we can’t get that.  I know you want it, but you want everything.”  Snacks, sippy… Continue reading When it is a lot of work

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I chose the crazy

The Impossible: We got out the door without one. single. fight between mom and dad.  It was as if the universe aligned and threw us the most perfect curve ball.  We are usually all grenades and HIIT combat kicks over here when we are trying to leave for a trip.  By the time we are in… Continue reading I chose the crazy

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To all the moms…

It’s 2013, and I’m three months pregnant with my first baby.  One of our wedding “Give the couple advice!” (from two years earlier) postcards spontaneously shows up in our mailbox.  I curiously turn the picture of us dressed up in our wedding clothes around to see who had decided to write a message all these months later.… Continue reading To all the moms…