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When it is a lot of work

Chores and errands seem like shoveling while it is snowing when you have littles.  Put them in, buckle them up.  “Don’t touch that, it’s yucky!”  Fighting, crying, whining.    “I had just folded those!!!”  Unbuckle them, take them out.  “No, we can’t get that.  I know you want it, but you want everything.”  Snacks, sippy… Continue reading When it is a lot of work

family time · Mother's Musings

I chose the crazy

The Impossible: We got out the door without one. single. fight between mom and dad.  It was as if the universe aligned and threw us the most perfect curve ball.  We are usually all grenades and HIIT combat kicks over here when we are trying to leave for a trip.  By the time we are in… Continue reading I chose the crazy

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7 HACKS to get your kids to eat

Three meals a day=three hours every day where I sound something like this, “Eat your food!  Sit back down!  Please eat two more bites!  Sit down!  Don’t put your feet on the table!  Eat your food, not whatever you just picked up off the floor!  Don’t fight please!  Come back here and eat.  This is why… Continue reading 7 HACKS to get your kids to eat

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5 Minute Camping Dramatic Play

Oh my goodness! We had SO much fun with this dramatic play.  It took me five minutes to set up.  I put the tent up, made a little fire, and put some sleeping bags in the tent. I made the logs out of rolled up brown paper, and the fire was just construction paper. We… Continue reading 5 Minute Camping Dramatic Play

The Educated Parent

What “you’ll miss it someday” really means

Bennett is my mama’s boy. He loves me in a way that I did not even know possible.  You know when you go away on a trip for a while, and then you finally come back home and you just breathe that little sigh of relief?  You can be 100% you.  There is a certain… Continue reading What “you’ll miss it someday” really means

The Educated Parent

4 Simple Dinner Hacks

Dear Dinner Time, Why must you come right when my children decide to turn into tiny monsters?  And why must you make me resemble some mix between Cruella Devil and the Beast?  My husband may be slightly scared of me because of you.  We always start out as friends.  We have big dreams.  I spend… Continue reading 4 Simple Dinner Hacks