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How to Deal With Big Feelings – for mom and munchkins

I have some very deep feeling children. Maybe every mother says that? Do you also have deep feelers? My oldest feels IN LOVE when she meets a new friend and if I accidentally embarrass her there are tears for days. My toddler is a whole new world of emotions. When she got too angry a… Continue reading How to Deal With Big Feelings – for mom and munchkins

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I Won’t Waste Another Wish

I sometimes picture myself as an older woman. My children have flown the coup. My sweet husband and I have dinner with only each other as company most nights. I fill my days with…I really can’t picture that part. Will there really be a time in my life where I am not trying to keep… Continue reading I Won’t Waste Another Wish

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5 AMAZING parenting tricks

I absolutely love how magical and exciting and fun it is to have toddlers in my home.  Both my boys bring me so much joy and light.  I love watching them grow and learn, but the weight of teaching a tiny human to be a good human is definitely overwhelming.  There are so many great… Continue reading 5 AMAZING parenting tricks