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The most powerful tool parents have

We innately crave the love of our mother’s very deeply.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  I have even realized that I still do things to this day in hopes of impressing her, or even winning MORE of that love.  I recently read Siblings Without Rivalry, and I highly recommend it to all… Continue reading The most powerful tool parents have

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3 1/2 Ways to Get What You Want in DISGUISE

I really hate to think that my kids will grow up feeling like they do not have freedom or control.  I want to start a healthy open relationship with them during the early years, so that I am better practiced in the teenage years.  I hope to raise kids that know Mom understands them and respects… Continue reading 3 1/2 Ways to Get What You Want in DISGUISE

Mother's Musings · The Educated Parent

What all that extra “huffing” got me

Time…it is something that adults are obsessed with, and our tiny ones do not understand at all.  One minute Mom is playing ponies with you…the next she is throwing shoes and a coat on you and yelling, “Hurry!!!!” I have been thinking a lot about how strange time must seem to my babies.  I am… Continue reading What all that extra “huffing” got me

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5 AMAZING parenting tricks

I absolutely love how magical and exciting and fun it is to have toddlers in my home.  Both my boys bring me so much joy and light.  I love watching them grow and learn, but the weight of teaching a tiny human to be a good human is definitely overwhelming.  There are so many great… Continue reading 5 AMAZING parenting tricks

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A Communication Toolbox for Parents

Anybody else sometimes realize that our children really do hear mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa when you speak to them? I know my 2 year old doesn’t process half of my chit chat, but I thought I had an incredible listener in my 4 year old. As of late though we have been having some serious communication malfunctions. It… Continue reading A Communication Toolbox for Parents