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Cereal Box Shapes – Breakfast reused

Boston and I like to save boxes and make them into stuff.  Volcanoes, rockets, jails, superhero fortresses, the possibilities are endless.  This usually just entails some construction paper, stickers, glue, and scissors. However, we started getting a little on the “hoarder” side of things, so we came up with a different idea to knock out… Continue reading Cereal Box Shapes – Breakfast reused

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The Keepers

I don’t think I will ever stop watching the music video “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran on repeat.  (Watch the video here.)  He did not write it about a Mother’s love, but the music video shows clips of Sheeran as a young baby, a toddler, a teenager, and an adult.  So many small, beautiful moments of his… Continue reading The Keepers

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How to Deal With Big Feelings – for mom and munchkins

I have some very deep feeling children. Maybe every mother says that? Do you also have deep feelers? My oldest feels IN LOVE when she meets a new friend and if I accidentally embarrass her there are tears for days. My toddler is a whole new world of emotions. When she got too angry a… Continue reading How to Deal With Big Feelings – for mom and munchkins