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Cereal Box Shapes – Breakfast reused

Boston and I like to save boxes and make them into stuff.  Volcanoes, rockets, jails, superhero fortresses, the possibilities are endless.  This usually just entails some construction paper, stickers, glue, and scissors. However, we started getting a little on the “hoarder” side of things, so we came up with a different idea to knock out… Continue reading Cereal Box Shapes – Breakfast reused

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Three ways to teach your kids to LOVE learning

 My mom taught at Montessori Preschools for a little while, and I remember her talking about how they teach the students to love learning by teaching them through subjects they are already interested in.  This idea has really stuck with me.  Here are three easy ways to do this with your own kids. 1. What… Continue reading Three ways to teach your kids to LOVE learning

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Tips to make crafts work for kids who just love to play

I LOVE to create.  I have wanted to do arts and crafts with my kids since before I can remember.  My little Boston is hard to engage in crafts.  He loves to do them with Mom, but I usually end up doing most of it.  I think I may have focused too much on the finished… Continue reading Tips to make crafts work for kids who just love to play

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Simple Valentine Sun Catcher

Firstly the heart sun catcher This is a classic. I have used this activity for many different seasons. It works well for a Christmas tree, Easter egg, or a sunshine in summer time. I love that this activity can challenge a 2 year old but also be fun for an older child. Supplies Parchment paper… Continue reading Simple Valentine Sun Catcher