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You Truly Are a Wonder, Women

I don’t like to sound full of myself or braggy, but I really am quite an amazing woman, a wonder. I possess many extraordinary gifts, abilities and titles. In my tiny Kingdom, I am Queen, Champion and Hero in so many situations.  You scoff? I promise you, fellow mother, you enjoy many of these amazing… Continue reading You Truly Are a Wonder, Women

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A safe place to rest, The Giving Stump

I read The Giving Tree for the first time since becoming a mom last night. I had one boy on either side of me. Bennett was half sitting on my lap and slightly rubbing my arm softly with his tiny hand. Boston had his head full of messy curls resting on my shoulder. We were… Continue reading A safe place to rest, The Giving Stump

Mother's Musings

Return Again: finding hope in the midst of the scary

This world we live in is beautiful.  There is so much goodness, so much kindness, so much love.  Most of the people in it are good, and they will be helping us raise our children.  I am so grateful for that. I often wonder if  the “scary” in the world feels a little scarier lately… Continue reading Return Again: finding hope in the midst of the scary

Learning Activities

Blocks and Graphs

Preschool age is a great time to introduce the idea of graphs. Graphs are such important visuals. They help us see the differences in groups. The idea of graphing with a preschooler may seem a little overwhelming but I have always found that even very young children enjoy this activity. Supplies: Colored Blocks Paper Ruler… Continue reading Blocks and Graphs

Learning Activities

DIY Cereal Abacus

Craft a Cereal Abacus Your child probably tires of the monotony of flash cards and workbooks quickly, but she’ll be fooled by this colorful, interactive counting box! Moving cereal pieces across wires with her fingers hardly seems like math practice, yet she will be perfecting her counting out loud. Addition and subtraction, pattern work, one-to-one… Continue reading DIY Cereal Abacus

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Why I won’t worry how long his hair gets

I have a sweet friend who recently told me a story about her mom.  My friend is pretty amazing, and I am always curious about amazing people’s parents.  Her mom’s name is Mary.  She told me that there was a family in her church that had a son who grew his hair out really long.… Continue reading Why I won’t worry how long his hair gets