First of all I am so flattered that you have taken the time to visit my blog! I so hope you found something to help you and your child/children enjoy a fun activity together or a way to improve some aspect of you playtime together. I am even more flattered that you have taken a moment out of your crazy, beautiful life to find out a bit about mine.

My name is Kelsie Frint. I grew up in a gorgeous little town in Idaho. I was blessed with an amazing family to nurture and love me. After high school I headed to Utah State. There I met an amazing man who I eventually married. I had intended to get my degree in Music Therapy. After one year at USU I went to California and was involved with a program called The Young Americans. Their goal was to help bring music to schools. It was an incredible adventure for me. It helped me realize that I always wanted music in my life but I was happy to have it be a hobby and not something I ever wanted to do full time.

After a year in California I had a new plan for my life. My sweetheart and I were married that summer. Then we returned to USU together. I spent the next three years studying Family Consumer and Human Development.  I emphasized in Child Development and also Community Services. I loved all my classes and loved the opportunities it gave me to work with children. I worked in a tot school and 2 different preschools. The experiences taught me a lot!

By the time my husband and I graduated USU we had a beautiful little girl in tow! We spent a year in Murray, UT and then my husband got a job, as an engineer, in my hometown in Idaho! We were so surprised to be headed that way with our little family, but very excited. Once in Idaho we were blessed with another perfect little baby girl. We bought a beautiful, scary home. Scary because it was a GIANT fixer upper. It has ended up being a wonderful home for our family, even if we are still working on it!

One of the most amazing things about my home is my husband and I remodeled the basement into a beautiful preschool room! In 2015 I was able to teach a small preschool group out of my home. My own daughter was one of my students.  It was such a wonderful experience. This year I am expecting another precious baby…girl, we are girl people, so I have decided to take the year off from teaching and enjoy this sweet baby.

Even over the summer I have noticed how much I’ve missed preschool.  I miss the drive to plan fun activities for a specific child or watching little ones discover a new skill. I know I have my own littles! But something about the last trimester of a pregnancy full of puking really zaps my fun mommy ways. I have continued to help my friends and family figure out fun ways to play with their children but I’ve been needing some motivation for my own family.

This summer I had a sweet friend encourage me to start a blog. Well she’s done more than encourage me, without her I would have spent 20 minutes on line in confusion and then given up. With her help she has mentored me in how to get started and good tips to make it easier. My goal with this blog is to help motivate myself and others to have some good fun with their children. I also love to share tips and tricks on how to make play more meaningful or even easier.

If you have made it to the end of my novel I think you and I will be good friends! I hope you find this blog helpful and encouraging. Know that I am right in the middle of the hard days and the beautiful moments that you are also enjoying.  I hope you always look at my posts as ideas and ways to enrich your play. I only hope to share ideas and maybe gain some from you! Always comment if you have a way to extend an activity in some other way.