One Sick Mama

Well friends I made it. I am alive. Shockingly. My family played host to the dreaded Influenza flu. My oldest got it first and then we started dropping like flies. Of course this happened when my husband was out of town. I’ll just say it was a dark time in my house. As I lay in the fetal position in the midst of it all I had the distinct thought, only one sick mama would understand what is happening right now. This thought helped me smile through the day when I did something strange. Here is my list of things only a mama could understand.

You know your one sick mama when…..

  • you feel like death but no one at home cares
  • 200-6.gif
  • you leave bowls of dry cereal for each of your children on the couch for the AM in the hopes they will get distracted by the food
  • you drag a mattress into the living room so you can curl up into the fetal position but it backfires because your children think its a trampoline
  • the rule, No Eating In The Living Room, is a thing of the past
  • your proud of the 1 hour, in the entire day, that the TV wasn’t on
  • 200-1
  • you don’t know what the weather is like outside because you still haven’t opened any shades
  • everyone in your house smells like breath, Vicks and on guard
  • you actually weep because the internet is down
  • 200-2
  • you feed your children crackers and grapes for breakfast
  • you can feel crumbs on your carpet when you drag yourself from the couch and have NO intentions of vacuuming
  • your children are wearing the clothes you put them in yesterday morning because you didn’t make anyone get into pajamas…or new clothes this morning
  • your children have caught on to how pathetic you are and start taking advantage of the fact that you won’t be checking on why they are so quiet
  • 200-7.gif
  • your children have watched Moana twice by 930 am
  • you have considered telling the kids that bedtime has come 2 hours early today
  • your daughter tells you at night, “Mom I have BIG plans for you tomorrow.” With trepidation you ask, “What?” She sweetly tells you, “We are going to sit in your rocking chair and watch TV all day.”
  • 200


In short mommies are rockstars and because of that no one cares much if we need to take a personal day or a long lunch. We are expected to put our game face on and continue rocking. There is no other job out there with the hours, stress or manual labor involved. Can you imagine applying for a job and your interviewer asks you, “How do you think you will handle working 15 hours a day and being on call for the other 9 hours? Oh and no sick days.” I would run for the hills. But if your a mommy thats just what you do.


I know a lot is expected of us. I know little people are counting on us. I know we want to be a superwoman for our family….but sometimes even Superwoman has off days…


Thank goodness for mercy and forgiveness! For any sick mama out there. Drink some tea, lay on the couch, use the TV, cry a little and know you are still Superwoman to some tiny human out there, crusty nose and all!


2 thoughts on “One Sick Mama

  1. You are definitely a rockstar! I am so sorry you had to ho through that and so glad you are through it! Jojo and I have been rockin’ the Breathe this week fighting colds;)


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