Art Activities

Crown Decorating

For our Joy School last month we have been studying ALL ABOUT ME. I focused a lot on our bodies and what they can do. I wanted each girl to feel special and proud of who they are. I thought the perfect ending activity would be to make a decorate a big beautiful crown. As we made these I was thinking how fun they would be to make for a Birthday Boy or Girl. Of next time I set up a castle in the pretend area of the preschool room I will be pulling out the crown decorating activity again!


What you need:

  • Scrap book paper
  • Scissors
  • Whole punch
  • Tape
  • String
  • Coloring utensils
  • Decorations (stickers, cut outs, letters)

Set up:

  • Take your scrap book paper and cut it out into a crown design. I lightly folded my paper in half and penciled in a crown shape. Then cut one side. Then I folded it again and traced the cut out shape onto the uncut side. (TIP: fold it lightly then you won’t get an ugly crease.)
  • Leave the bottom 3 inches uncut.
  • Place tape, I did duct tape, on the far side of each uncut section. Make sure it covers about an inch of the end.
  • Whole punch 2 wholes on either side of the bottom 3 inches, making sure to punch through your tape.


  • Place your crown decorations on a table for your little one to use. Remember do not place all of the decorations on the table at once if you want the activity to last. This will help to not overwhelm your child.


Activity Time:

I called the girls over to start decorating their crowns. I only had crayons on the table at that time. I had picked out colors that would show up and complement their purple crowns. After the fact I realized that gel pens would have been very fun. But the crayons did the job.

After they had colored for a little bit I pulled out the stickers. Stickers are an AWESOME activity on their own for ages 3 and 4. It takes a lot of small motor skills and concentration to peel off the back of the sticker. The girls LOVED decorating with them. I tried to mostly leave them be. Sometimes they would be so focused on GRAB, PEEL, STICK, REPEAT, that all the stickers would be on top of each other. At that point I would ask, “Can you put a pink heart at the top of the crayon?” This simple suggestion would remind the girls that they had a lot of space to use.

While we were talking about how each of us are different. We discussed favorite colors, hair, eyes, favorite foods, etc. This was great conversation. I loved hearing what each child loved about their body and what made them special!

After the colors and stickers were all in place I tied a string through the whole punches. I used each girl’s noggin to make sure the string was pulled to the perfect tightness. Then I tied a knot in the string. This was so nice because the crown fit well and came off and on easily.


After the crowns were decorated these sweet girls couldn’t wait to try them on and parade around in them. I was really happy with how well they stayed on while they were playing.


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