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Cereal Box Shapes – Breakfast reused

Boston and I like to save boxes and make them into stuff.  Volcanoes, rockets, jails, superhero fortresses, the possibilities are endless.  This usually just entails some construction paper, stickers, glue, and scissors.

However, we started getting a little on the “hoarder” side of things, so we came up with a different idea to knock out a bunch of the boxes we had stacking up.  I have noticed that some kids like to build flat rather than up.  Boston gets frustrated with how the blocks always fall.  He likes to build things as TALL as possible, and cannot understand why it ALWAYS falls eventually.


He has solved this problem by laying things out as LONG as possible.  He will also use blocks to make monsters or bulldozers flat on the ground.  Since I am a little bit of a clutter freak, we do not usually have enough blocks for his little heart’s desire.

So, I cut up a bunch of the cereal boxes, covered them with colorful paper and some tape, and we now have some beautiful new shapes to build with horizontally.



It was pretty fun to play with, cheap, and a fun little project to do during nap time while I watched Netflix 😉  So, if you are needing a cereal box project-there ya go!


(this one is called “Batman’s Tower”)

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