Learning Activities

Block Color Sort

Here is an easy color sort activity for your young explorer. I love when an activity can take something old, like blocks, and use them in a new way. If you don’t have colored blocks you can use some other small toy that has different colors, such as legos or even beads.



  • Colored paper
  • Colored blocks
  • Addition, other colored toys

Set up

  • Take your colored paper and lay it around the room.
  • Next empty some blocks in the middle of the room
  • Take a deep breath, that was a lot of work!


Activity Time

This is obviously pretty self explanatory. At first we took turns picking one color and placing it on the correct colored paper. I did a lot of repeating of the names of the colors. If she picked up a block I would ask, “What color did you find?” “Is this one green or blue?” I also encouraged counting when she would pick out more than one. I never requested she count I just set the example by doing it myself. Very quickly she began to count herself.


After sorting half of them this way we raced to get the rest sorted. My little sorter became very possessive over her favorite colors.

TIP: turn this into a game and it will be a hit! Put a timer or, take turns or close your eyes and let your little tell you the color you picked. Any way to add to the fun.


I was surprised at how much my sorter enjoyed this activity. I do think it had a lot to do with me playing with her. We were able to sort these a few times.


EXTENSION: After sorting the blocks we added a new toy to sort. Little Mrs loved sorting the bears into the right area.


We embellished on this extension by making little homes for the bears. My girl didn’t like the 1 red bear being all alone on the red paper, so we made an exception for the red bear. Ha, I love when the imagination takes over an activity.

We had such a good time sorting our bears and blocks. We even started adding other colored toys into the mix but then….the monster baby works up and destroyed our fun. There were tears and pouts and then we had a snack and all was well. Thank goodness for grapes and goldfish!


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