Learning Activities

Letter Play for Littles

Wow, if you are reading this you are a true blue fan! Thank you for not forgetting about this little blog. The month of August got a little out of hand with traveling, friends visiting, 2 family reunions, a trip to the beach, sickness and school starting. But we’re alive and well and back.

Today for a quick Take-A-Minute-Tuesday we have a very simple learning activity. The focus is on letters. It is very helpful for a young child to be familiarized with letters and the printed word. This is one of the reasons we read to babies. Another thing we often do is point out the first letter in our child’s name. We might answer a child asking, “what does that say?” All these things help our children recognize print and letters.

During preschool I spend a lot of time playing little games with letters and this is one of the most simple ones.


  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Letters (scrabble, bananagrams, flash cards, magnetic letters)

Set up

Take three pieces of paper and draw a different type of line on each piece. There will be an all curves line, an all straight and sharp edge line, and also a line that combines both curves and straight.


Also pick out 20ish different letters. Make sure to grab an S, O, C, P, R, And G these letters are examples of curved letter or curved AND straight. Most letters have all straight lines and sharp edges, you should also select these. Lay these letters next to your lined paper for easy sorting.


Activity Time

For the activity I simply have my little munchkin sit down with me. We talked about each paper and the lines that are on them. I make it a little game, “can you find the STRAIGHT STRAIGHT line.” Just add a weird voice and it is a game, I promise. After we talk about the papers I pick up a letter. I ask if it looks like a circle, if it is wiggly, or if it looks straight and sharp. I have to do a lot of helping in the beginning, especially with the letters like G that have both straight and curved parts. But after we get through half of the letters my 2 year old can start sorting them.

TIP: Make this feel like a game by having some actions for the lines. We did ninja moves for the straight and sharp lines. We did wiggly snake moves for the curved line. Then add them together for the third line.


TIP 2: Start off by doing A LOT of assisting. About half way through let them do a few on their own to check comprehension. If they do it wrong correct. I might say. “Hmm look at that T it isn’t curvy like a snake, it is more like a NINJA! It has all straight lines.”


This can be a fun simple and quick learning activity. When you are done don’t just put it all away. Set it aside and quiz your little one again in a day or two. After 3 or 4 times playing with these letters they should start to recognize the differences in all these letters they are always singing about!

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