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Parade Crafts

My kids always love making crafts for our 4th of July Parade. I will be making mine 4th of July morning so I thought I would put together a quick list of our favorites if you want to add a fun, kid friendly tradition to your 4th of July! You won’t regret it!

First there is the PAPER PLATE NOISMAKER:


The fabulous blog No Time For Flash Cards has an easy step by step post to follow, link here. We loved using a spinner to make our paper plates beautiful. I have also had my munchkins use crayons or star stickers to decorate their noisemakers. Also you can use rice, beans, noodles or even gravel to fill your plates. Regardless of how they look. or what they sound like these might be my munchkins favorite at the parade!

Another Noisemaker


I have used this idea for New Years and the 4th. Take a recycled water bottle and fill it with rice or corn and put the lid on tight. They say hot gluing the lid on is optional…it is not! If you have toddlers get the hot glue gun out! You will thank me later when your child is trying to open the bottle in their carseat. Pre-K Pages shows you how to walk your children through this craft, link here. I just give my girls some red and blue permanent markers and let them draw on the bottle. Then we tie on some red white and blue ribbon and call it good!

Lady Liberty Dress Up


It is always fun to dress up! My girls made something like this at a story time at the library last year and it was a huge hit. I adore the flame from Kix Cereal, link here. We just used an cardboard paper towel roll and colored it green. Then stuck some tissue paper in it. The children at the library used crayons to get the green on the paper. I love the idea of painting it!

Parade Wands


My girls love any and all things wand so this is an obvious choice. I am not sure why you need a wand at a parade but my munchkins always find a use for them. Disclaimer…our homemade wands are never half as cute as About A Mom’s wands, link here. I would love to help my girls make beautiful wands but they like glue and scribbling too much. I usually cut out a few stars add some red white and blue crayons and if I am really a fun mommy a tiny bit of glue and glitter. My girls get teary eyed when the glitter comes out. The ribbon really does make the wands. If you don’t have ribbon we have used streamers in the past.

Parade Pompoms


If you don’t do wands you should do pompoms. I made these for the first time 3 years ago and they have been with us ever since! They are so, so, so easy and my children love shaking them at the floats as they go by! Make and Take has a great post on how to make them, link here.

Confetti Poppers

Confession, I have not made these yet! But I want to this year. I think they look very fun. Especially for a little bit older children. They are basically patriotic home made marshmallow shooters. Darby Smart has a great instructional video for these, link here.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 2.36.33 PM.png

I hope you found a craft perfect for your family. One last VERY important tip…DO NOT FORGET THE DANG CRAFT WHEN YOU GO TO THE PARADE!!!!!! That has yet to happen but I know it will and I know there will be tears. Now go get some sun and candy! Happy Independence Day!



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