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Fourth of July Art

4th of July Art

It’s a Take A Minute Tuesday Two for One!!

With 4th of July just around the corner I thought we better do a 4th of July craft! Here is a simple art activity to do with your little and hang up in your home sweet home.

Glue and Salt Firework


  • Bottled glue
  • Thick paper
  • Salt
  • Water colors and paint brush
  • Tray to contain mess


Set Up

  • I did most of the glueing as I have very little ones. I made a few glue fireworks.
  • I set the glue picture on a cookie tray, with sides.
  • I added a small bowl with salt. I also added a VERY small spoon to transfer salt.


Activity Time

My girls LOVED spreading salt on the glue. I was surprised by how much they enjoyed this part of the process

For the first few pictures they were very careful to put the salt on the glue. I reminded them they wanted to drop the salt and not touch the paper. Otherwise it would ruin the picture. After they filled the picture with salt I would fold it slightly and dump the salt back into the bowl.


Each girl salted 3 firework pictures. It was really nice to have card stock paper for this activity. It stood the test of glue and little girls.


At this point we had to wait for the salt to dry so I started them on the toilet paper roll fireworks. (we let the salt dry for a few hours)




I gave the girls their pictures and some water colors. The paints need to be very wet. I helped my youngest get water into her colors. Then I let the girls get busy! This was also more mesmerizing than I thought it would be. It was so fun to watch the color spread through the salt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • We kept bumping our salt pictures and it would flake off. We ended up softly tipping each picture over the garbage and letting the extra salt fall off.
  • Don’t swipe with the brush. Tell your munchkins to dot the salt and the color will spread on its own.
  • More water means the color will go farther on the salt.

My girls LOVED this activity. My 2 year old kept announcing, “I do more salt paint now mom” I wish the drying process were a bit quicker because the amount of time it took up in our afternoon was glorious.

Toilet Paper Roll Firework


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Paper Plates
  • Tape (optional)
  • 20170627_093624

Set Up

  • Cut the toilet paper rolls and pushed out the edges
  • Add paint to paper plates
  • Tape down paper


Activity Time

This activity never gets old. My girls happily made fireworks with the different colors for 15 minutes.

I got distracted in the kitchen and my 2 year old’s fireworks got a little crazy!


She was so enthralled in the activity I just asked her what she was doing and let her carry on! It added another 10 minutes onto her fun!

This simple activity was a perfect time filler for the salt to dry. You could even add a little glitter to the paint before it dries to give it that 4th of July glitz!


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