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Pinecone Painting & Printing

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Pinecone Painting & Printing

This little activity was thought up by my lovely girls. Like most munchkins they LOVE to collect things while outside. Yesterday they were hunting for pinecones. My 2 year old came in and begged to paint them “so so pretty to the purple sky”. This is a common phrase in our house, one I don’t really understand but love non-the-less. After spending a few minutes putting the requested activity together I thought I’d share our fun as it only took a moment of my time.

Take A Minute Tuesdays (on a Wednesday…cause I’m a mom and life happens)  Pinecone Painting and Printing

Before you can set up anything you have to get outside and get hunting.  We went on a pinecone gathering mission around our own neighborhood. It was fun to be out with my girls searching for the perfect future masterpiece. Of course a couple extra items found their way into our bucket. You could turn this part of the activity into a whole outing. Take a walk, or even drive to a favorite nature spot and get hunting.


  • Pinecones
  • Table cloth, newspaper, something to catch the mess
  • Paint and brushes
  • Light colored paper, white is great
  • Different markers, pencils (OPTIONAL)
  • 20170523_170632
  • I left some of our general crafty-goodness on the table and it got used up too (OPTIONAL)

Set Up

  • Lay out the table cloth
  • Lay out a few of the pinecones, don’t over crowd the space.
  • Place the paint and brushes on top.
  • Save the printing paper for a bit later in the activity
  • Lay out a few of the pinecones, don’t over crowd the space.

20170523_170624Activity Time

After laying out the pinecones my girls noticed they were “dirty” with grass and needles. I asked them if they thought they should tidy them up for painting. They were into it. I ended up pulling out our kid teasers and magnifier and they worked very seriously. After a good 10 minutes the little ladies started telling me they wanted to color on the pinecones. I explained to them that crayons wouldn’t work but they insisted. Then I decided it would be a fun discovery time. The girls headed over to the art shelf and pulled out pencils and crayons. I grabbed a few extra markers I thought might work and they got busy attempting their idea while I got the paint out. It was pretty cute seeing them try out their idea. My 5 year old can’t let me know I’m right so she could even magically see some marks. My 2 year old quickly declared her crayon broken. The slick stix did work on the pinecones. That was a nice discovery. Link HERE

Finally we were able to paint. I added multiple colors to a piece of paper and gave them some paint brushes. Painting led to the discovery that when you set the colored pinecone down it leaves a print on the paper. I grabbed some white paper and the girls started purposefully printing with different colored pinecones.

I LOVED THIS PART. My girls did to. 🙂 It was so fun to use the artwork they created on the pinecone in a different way.


After the pinecones dried my daughter asked if we could hang them up! So we picked out some string and hung them out on our pine trees! Little Miss said it looked like the pine trees were growing fruit!


All in all this was a massive success. I hope the girls request it again soon!

TIP: A smock makes clean up and children much more manageable!!


Check these out on Amazon HERE

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