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Outdoor Art

The weather here in Idaho is so bipolar! I had decided to do an outdoor activity and then….we get a winter storm warning for today and tomorrow! Waaaaa! Cant a mom catch a break? My girls, and I, are so much happier if we get a little, or a lot, of outdoor time. Well we attempted a quick and easier outdoor activity today so we thought we would share!

Take A Minute Tuesdays Outdoor Art


  • Drawing tool, maker, pencil, paint, crayons
  • Something to mark, Paper, cardboard, poster paper
  • OPTIONAL Outdoor goodies. My girls gathered flowers, pinecones and leaves. (TIP: you can use the outdoor goodies to extend the art)


Set Up:

  • Take your items outdoors! We chose one of my girls favorite spot out back. They love their teepee. Get creative, set up near a tree, under a bush, in the middle of a field, go on a walk and stop and draw at the first beautiful place you see, head to the river (if it isn’t flooding half your town because right now that options is much too dangerous here).


Activity Time:

Now let your munchkins get creative! There is something magical and exciting about taking an activity you normally do INDOORS out into nature. There are new sensations all around. Even coloring on the cardboard, on the grass made some interesting sounds. We saw some Robbins fighting over what must be the best tree around. The girls were really excited about that. When we picked flowers to add to our drawing we enjoyed their sweet smell while we drew. At one point our art was covered with white dandelion seeds that the wind had blown all over.


(Any excuse to take a picture of that tree!)

When big sister got home from school she joined right in. I went inside to do dishes and wishing 20 minutes the girls came running in, carrying their markers and rambling about the giant spider that came down from the teepee! Stupid spider.


The next day my toddler begged for “makers outside” so we attempted it again.


This time I dragged the cardboard out into the middle of the yard and we collected a lot of goodies to draw around.

I had the idea of using the goodies to part of our drawings. I KNOW my preschooler would have loved this. My toddler said, “pretty mommy” and then carried on with her doodles, so I didn’t push the idea.


My toddler loves to talk and draw so she told me she was drawing nice snakes and big bad bugs. I told her I was worried about the big bad bugs getting me and asked her what we should do about that. Her solution…SMOOSH THEM!

She grabbed the rocks and smoothed her bad bugs and then left them on top of the bugs and went on drawing. I loved this. I think asking questions about what they are making is a fun was to extend and communicate with your child. It is also fun to ask questions that prompt them to add something or create more.


By about this point I couldn’t feel my nose so I called it quits on our outdoor art. But now that I know it was a hit I will be repeating it often!

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