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Outside Word Play (Take a Minute Tuesday…)

Alright guys, I think this is a spin off of some activities Kelsie has done in the past for a new SUMMER addition 🙂

What you’ll need:

  • Chalk

  • Rocks

  • Permanent Marker

What to do:

  1. Pick whatever you want to work on with your cutie (shapes, colors, math, words, letters)  I chose letter sounds and sight words.

  2. Have your little help you find some light colored rocks.

  3. Draw whatever you are working on with permanent marker on the little rocks. (I drew a few sight words and letters on each rock)

  4. Draw the same number and depictions on a grid on the sidewalk or your driveway.

  5. Go over the rocks with your little. (I talked about all the sounds the letters make and made up some movements to go along with the sounds to help clue his memory)

  6. Hide the rocks easily in the grass or dirt (I hid mine in our sand box…this step is optional).

  7. Have your little find the rocks and then try to throw them on the correct square on the sidewalk.

My Boston LOVED finding the rocks and watching me draw on them.  I should have let him pick the letters I chose to get him even more involved.


He is a big fan of hiding things right now.  Hiding the rocks also added more time to the activity, so I highly recommend it.


My sweet Boss is not very patient with hand eye coordination type things, so throwing the rocks was SO good for him.  Make sure to make silly noises when they miss the right square, so they think it is silly and do not get frustrated.


We had fun with this activity for a good thirty minutes and it only took about 5 to prep and ZERO mess!


*If your sweetie gets frustrated about not getting the rock on the right square here are some helpful navigating tools:

  • ACKNOLEDGE FEELINGS: “Oh, it can be really frustrating when your rock doesn’t land where you want it to.”
  • …WAIT…..simply acknowledging the feelings instead of saying “don’t get frustrated, it’s ok!!!” can sometimes be all our littles need.
  • REMIND HIM/HER OF A TIME WHERE HE/SHE DIDN’T GIVE UP: “I remember yesterday when you were pushing that little car up the hill.  It was NOT easy!!! And you did it!!! You didn’t give up!  You are a hard worker!”
  • ….WAIT….
  • SOLUTION:  “The problem is, the rock sometimes rolls away from the square. Should we think of some good solutions? What do you think we could do so the rock doesn’t roll?” – Help your little think of ways to make it a little easier to get the rock on the square…try to have him or her think of the first idea.  “What if we moved a little closer and dropped it?”

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