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Quick Egg Hunt- Gone Educational

This is a ridiculously obvious activity. However, if you are like me you probably haven’t taken advantage of the greatness that is the egg hunt. There is no need to wait until Easter morning! PLEASE! Let’s make the joy of finding colorful plastic eggs last all year round…or at least a week or two.


For your simple enjoyment Take A Minute Tuesdays brings you a simple egg hunt gone educational. How to sneak color recognition and counting into an egg hunt.


  • Plastic eggs
  • Some small yummy snack (Cereal, nuts, gold fish, raisins, grapes)


Set Up

  • Fill the eggs with different amounts of treat
  • Hid those eggs

Activity time

So I quickly hid those eggs while my toddler was distracted. When she came back into the room I handed her a little basket and told her to find all the eggs she could. TIP: count those eggs so you don’t lose any.


I hid them so they could be easily found the first few times. I also encouraged her to find ALL the eggs then we would sit down and find out what was inside them. Once she had her basket full we got down to the learning


Because we chose fruit loops we were able to talk about the different colors that were hiding INSIDE our eggs, as well as the egg color. My girl would pop one or two into her mouth and then decide what pile the remaining ones fit into.

We counted and sorted and even stacked. TIP: I kept shutting the eggs she filled and then she would reopen the egg and be disappointed…just leave it open to avoid terrible toddler disappointment. 


This part of the activity took a surprising 10 minutes. Then I let her eat a few more and then refill the eggs. Opening and closing the eggs takes some awesome small motor skills. Closing was a bit more frustrating so I assisted with that part. Then it was time to hide them again.

We were able to play this 4 times without any wane of interest in the activity. When she went to hide in the other room I sneakily refilled the eggs with craisins and peanuts. It was so fun to watch her sit down and open the eggs that time. She was so surprised. I continued to ask her what colored egg she was going to open next but with the trail mix snacks I just asked her how many she got in each egg.

When big sister got home from preschool I didn’t even need to assist in the activity. They took turns hiding and finding the eggs. This activity has easily taken up an hour of todays play time. And BONUS it has helped my girls work on small motor strength, color recognition, counting and their ability to find something! (now if only I could make their desire to find the eggs carry over into their desire to find their missing shoe.)


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