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5 Minute Camping Dramatic Play

Oh my goodness! We had SO much fun with this dramatic play.  It took me five minutes to set up.  I put the tent up, made a little fire, and put some sleeping bags in the tent.


I made the logs out of rolled up brown paper, and the fire was just construction paper.

We do not have sleeping bags yet, so we just used blankets and pillows for coziness.

I did this activity as part of our Joy School lesson on Fall, so when our friends came over we did the following activities:

-We roasted marshmallows (popsicle sticks…but you could have your kids hunt for sticks outside to use)

-Sang songs (we did songs about Fall)

-Told “scary” stories (just made up stories about Boston and each of his two friends scaring all the monsters away….they LOVED this.  I probably told stories for 15 minutes.  Princess T scared the ghost away, Superhero Gold Beast Boston got a monster with his fire eyes and Kitty Cat P ate up all the scary mice.  Little kids LOVE made up stories where they are the hero!)

-Got all cozy in our beds and looked up at the stars (we just pretended, but you could tape stars to the ceiling or use twinkle lights….this would be a great way to teach numbers by counting the stars, or teach about constellations)

-Read books in our sleeping bags


Boston fell over because he was laughing so hard…toddlers are so hilarious.

After they played for a while I had a mean old bear (me) come and mess up the beds and hide the fire wood.  The kids had to make the beds again and find all the fire wood.  Once they found the wood they did a fire dance and chanted “Fire” to get the fire to come.  I would slowly put the flames back on the fire.  They LOVED this.

Boston played by himself in the tent for an hour later that afternoon.  Best dramatic play yet!  Have fun cute little adventurers.

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