Learning Activities

Heart Match


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I LOVE this simple learning activity. I love it because I bought a box of hearts for 8 dollars, at my local Kings (does any other town in the world still have a Kings?) and I have created so many activities out of this simple craft addition.

I used a box, like above left, for this activity, but full of hearts. I found the bag of hearts, above right, on amazon for 3 dollars and it would work well. (Link bellow)


  • Foam hearts. I looked on amazon for a bin like I purchased but couldn’t find one. This bag of sticker hearts would be very close though. It would also add some great fine motor skills to the play as your little one takes the paper off the back of the sticker. Link HERE.
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors

(Sorry I made this activity last year so I don’t have a photo of what supplies I used, but it is very basic)

Set Up

  • Simply take a heart, cut it in half.
  • Depending on what activity you want to do you write two matching items on either piece of your heart

Activity Time

Color and Shape Practice

For my 2 year old we just worked on sliding the pieces to gather to make a heart shape. That in itself was tricky enough. She wanted to pick up the pieces and flip them over or upside down and it took a lot of problem solving to figure out how to make the shape she wanted.

My daughter naturally wanted to put like colors together and we were able to practice naming each heart color.

TIP:After doing this activity I realized (at 2 in the morning while nursing my baby girl) I would have saved my daughter and I some frustration if I had simply taken a piece of paper and traced a shape of a heart with a line down the middle. Then my daughter could have more easily placed the piece in the right spot, all on her own. Without the paper I had to do some prompting…which never goes well with my control freak 2 year old (dang mini-me). She just wants to do things on her own, with no assistance.

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Number Match

I originally made this activity for my preschoolers so we had a set of hearts at the writing center to practice matching our numbers.


Upper and Lower Case Match

The next day I had the hearts set out with a large letter and its matching lowercase letter.


TIPS: If you want this activity to be fairly easy do not put out multiple heart colors. This will help your child feel successful as they match the colors together. Then talk about how the ‘Big A’ and ‘little a’ match each other. If you want to challenge your older preschooler put out the whole alphabet, or at least 2 hearts of each color. Then your child will have to use their knowledge of the letters to make matches.

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