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Jingle Bell Number Game

So we I have this wonderful, obnoxious habit of keeping strange containers and boxes. It looks a little hoarderish from the outside, but it has served me very well as a preschool teacher.

Anywho, my daughter LOVES pearler beads and so we have a few of these great plastic containers just laying around. A few days ago the 5 year old and I sat down and made a fun game to work on her numbers and adding.


What you’ll need:

  • Small balls, not too bouncy (we used pompoms and jingle bells
  • Marker
  • Circle stickers, or tape
  • Container
    • You could use a large piece of paper and draw a few lines horizontal and vertical to make your own flat container
  • Score keeping paper and pencil


What you’ll do:

  • I wrote down numbers on our stickers and placed one sticker in each compartment.
    • If you are just doing this on paper you will just write a number in each square

Let the play begin

My daughter and I took turns holding our arm out in front of us and dropping our bell into a compartment.


Before we would drop the bell we would guess which number our bell would land in. (This wasn’t important to the game but very important for my daughter to recognize numbers) Guessing where the bell would land also added a lot of laughter to our game. I would proudly declare my bell would land in the 13 compartment, then I would let the bell drop and it would bounce 2 and land down on the 10! I would make a big deal about how crazy my bell was. Silly gets you a long way with children….and the amount of enjoyment you can get out of the activity.

Next my daughter would help me remember the CORRECT name of the number that the bell landed on. Then we would write it down on our score sheet.

I had her help me add the numbers as we went so we could see who was winning.



  • You have to drop your bell from about a foot above the container (makes for good bouncing)
  • Only one bell per container
    • If your bell lands in a container with a bell in it you can go again
  • If your bell bounces and lands on the table you get 0
    • You could play you get one more chance, but try to make a rule and stick with it



  • Using different colors for the numbers was really nice to serve as a hint for my daughter. Example, I would say “I think mine is going to land on the number 12.” I’d give her a minute. Then I would say, “Number 12 is a pink one.” This was a nice way to give her a little help while still letting her do the work of finding the number.
  • REPITION. If you are using this game to help your child learn their numbers you can never ask enough questions that require your little to name or find a number. Example, I might ask, “What number did your land on, I forgot.” Or “I want mine to land on the 16, can you help me find it?”
  • Be silly. Like I said before, being silly, laughing and making a big deal out of things makes for better play.
  • This game is EASILY tweaked to work on letters, 10’s, even colors. Be creative.

In the end we had a container full of pompoms and bells, a paper full of numbers and adding and two happy ladies.



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