6 Ideas to LIGHTtheWORLD With Your Children – December 11

I am participating in an amazing worldwide service project that is ongoing through the month of December. It is called #LIGHTtheWORLD. This LDS site has a fabulous Advent Calendar to help you do small acts each day.  I hope that it helps my children see how blessed we are and look for ways to bless others. I hate when this time of year becomes, “what can mommy and daddy get for me?” Each day of December we try to do a small act of service. Our family has donated eye glasses, brought a family a meal, left a treat on a neighbors door step and done something thoughtful for our parents. All of these helped spur some great discussions with my littles! On December 11th we are reminded to think of our children, as Jesus always gathered them to Him. I thought I would plan a fun little activity to do with my girls and share with you, AHEAD OF TIME, so you could have an easy activity to do on the 11th as well.

My life, as I am sure yours is, is a bit too crazy right now for me to do all of these ideas and post lovely little pictures so I did the research for you, during blessed nap time. Each activity has a link to an amazing blog that will help you know just what to do with your little. I hope this helps make your day a little more lit with love and laughter!

Being true to the theme, all of these activities have something to do with light. Choose the one that works best for your children and your family.

Option A – Hide and seek in the dark


  • Small flashlight or electric candle
  • Family
  • Evening time

This one is VERY straight forward. First you will need a darker area to play in. We could go in our basement and close the curtains or just wait until after 530 when the sun has set. There are 2 ways to play.


  • Have your little close their eyes. Take your small light and hide it in the room. For younger children let a little of the light be seen glowing from behind the pillow or chair. For older children completely cover the light. Then have your child find the hidden light

Second Option

  • Have your child hide with the light and you look for your sweetie. You can also have the looker holding the light to better see where a loved one is hiding.

I love this game because it teaches a powerful lesson that light is always stronger than darkness. It also helps your children recognize the feelings of peace and joy when they see the light filling up a dark space.

No LINK HERE needed on this one…you got it!

Option B – paper roll candle

I am a huge fan of paper roll activities…becuase honestly we will never run out of empty paper rolls to craft with! This is a simple activity that should be easy for very young children



  • Toilet paper roll
  •  Something to decorate the roll with
    • markers
    • paint
    • wrapping paper and glue
    • stickers
  • Popsicle stick
  • Yellow paper or tissue paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

You and your little will decorate a toilet paper roll. Then you glue a paper flame to the top. These look so cute on the tree! Link HERE on the Joyful Jewish Blog.

Option C – decorative candle

This is a great activity that might be better suited for a bit older. My 2 year old did this with us, but she didn’t have as much fun as the 5 year old did. I know that even a teenager would enjoy making this candle craft…maybe as a gift for a loved one?



  • White tissue paper
  • Markers
  • White candle
  • Parchment paper
  • Hair Dryer
  • Scissors

You and your child will draw a decoration on the tissue paper. Next you will wrap the drawing to the candle, then wrap the parchment paper around the drawing AND candle and apply heat. This will transfer the design to the candle! Link HERE on the amazing Can’t Google Everything Blog.

Option D – hand wreath with candle

This is such a sweet craft to pull out in years to come because it is a keepsake of those little hands. This craft is a little more adult demanding so again, a young child may be a bit bored while mom or dad are doing a lot of cutting, but for me it is worth the precious end result. My Name Is Snickerdoodle has this beautiful, step by step wreath on her blog, link below. I thought for my family we would add a candle in the middle of the hand wreath. If all that hand cutting looks like too much work you could always stick with the simple paper plate wreath and simply decorate it with paint or markers.


  • Paper plate, or thick card stock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Green paper
  • Cardstock or construction paper for candle
  • String

First you trace your sweet little loves hand on the green paper. (NOTE you can do one wreath for all your children and just layer the different hands.) Next cut out the middle circle of your paper plate so it looks like a giant wreath. Then glue the hands around the wreath, overlapping to make it look full. Next make a simple candle out of construction paper to glue in the middle, bottom of your wreath. Link HERE on the talented My Name Is Snickerdoodle

Option E – Evening Lights Scavenger Hunt

My family LOVES going on a drive and looking at the beautiful Christmas lights. Even my 2 year old loves it. Here is a simple way to turn it into a fun game. Hope on over to these talented ladies blog, hit print, grab a pen and jump in the car for a fun game of Christmas Scavenger Hunt and/or Bingo. The Bingo game is best for non readers, but you can make it a family effort and do either work.


Link HERE (for nonreader)  from The Reading Mama


HERE (for readers) from Simply Kierste Design Co

Option F -Christmas light cards

My children and I have done this activity before and LOVED it. We usually do the fingerprints with ink instead of paint, but both work well! After you have made your beautiful lights let them dry. Flip over your masterpiece and write a note to a loved one. These are perfect to pass along with a plate of Christmas goodies.



  • Cardstock
  • Ink/paint
  • Black marker

First draw a little light string on your card stock paper. Next have your child stick a thumb in the paint or ink and press their colorful finger near the line. Add little details if you’d like to make the drawing look more like lights. Link HERE on the talented Crafty Morning Blog.

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