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Lego Busy Bag

We are leaving on a giant cross country trip…okay it’ll just be 6 hours in the car, but with 3 kids and one of those being a baby it might feel like a bit longer. As I was packing the girls car bags I couldn’t find our lego busy bag so I made a new one and thought I’d share this little family favorite.

What supplies will you need?

  • A few legos
  • A couple colored pencils that match your lego colors
  • Some sliced paper


Next start making a couple creations with your little batch of legos.

Then you need to make a simple drawing of your little creation.

I did most of the papers to look like random creations.

A few of them were fun to make into something, here is my lovely robot!

You can also make letters!

Then you stick all your lovely oh-so-creative drawings and your legos into a sandwich baggy!


So now while we are driving to visit family for Turkey day my 4 year old will be busy recreating the images with the legos! We have had this as a busy bag since my daughter was 3 and it always keeps her attention.


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