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Car Letter Match

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My girls LOVE their matchbox cars, so if I can make an activity around those cars its going to be a hit.

  1. First I laid down some painters tape to be roads.
  2. Next I wrote upper and lower case letters on the tops of the cars.
    1. I used liquid chalk markers check them out HERE. I LOVE these makers, they go on everything so smoothly. My favorite is to use them on rocks! Worth every penny. Plus they stay on everything so effortlessly and then you can easily while them off with a clorox wipe.
    2. You could also use tape and a marker on your cars or you could use stickers.
    3. Also you can write what ever you are working on. You could do numbers and dots to match. You could do color dots a toddler can match.
  3. Then, out of tape, I made a little parking area for the extra cars.

This set up is so stinking easy. I know because I did it at midnight with a sleep boycotting baby in my arms.


For the invitation I simply put an uppercase car on one end or each road then I put their matches on the other end. Then each car can take one road and see if their “friend” on the end of the road.

This activity is full of goodies. There is trial and error, decision making, letter recognition, problem solving, imaginative play, and plain old fun.

My brain has shut off, due to lack of sleep, so I didn’t get any play shots, but my girls were busy all morning with their cars and tracks. After 30 minutes my toddler wanted to lay her own tracks with the tape so she got busy on that. My 4 year old asked to get out the hot wheel tracks. After nap I think I’ll call out a letter and she will have to find the lowercase letter and put it through the track.

You can also use this activity to call out the cars. Example: “Can you find the late I car and put it on the first track? ” or “Can you find the car with the number 7 on it and make it drive on the track in the middle ? ” 

How will you tweak this activity to work for your littles?


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