Art Activities

Thanksgiving Notes

Here is a fun and simple activity that should encourage creativity, print recognition, and the opportunity to talk about what we are thankful for. Every day this week my daughter has come home and had me help her write a letter (in all honesty it is a love note) to a very handsome boy in her class. She might have her first real crush! To redirect her letter writing, and hopefully some of her undying love, we decided to make Thanksgiving notes for friends and family.


  • First I gathered some new markers. I have noticed that my children get bored with the same old writing utensils so I try to pull out new ones when we are doing an activity together.
  • Fall stickers – because stickers make every activity better.
  • Items to glue – glueing is all the rage with my 2 year old
    • for my 4 year old I added our leaf punch as well
  • Postcards – I am not an artist but I quickly wrote down some Thanksgiving words and a turkey or two.

Here is the quick set up. TIP: When at all possible you should try to set up when your child isn’t eager grabbing things and gluing the paper to the table. Once all the material is ready and in place call your child over for the activity. This helps my stress level not to be yelling “don’t touch yet”. It also makes it possible for your child to sit down to a table that is prepared for them.


This open ended activity required very little from me. Both my girls sat down and got to work.

They each picked a card and started picking out the things they wanted to decorate with. Add whatever your child might be excited about using, tissue paper, glitter glue, scraps and scissors, paint or feathers.


After we decorated the front we added a little background paper to make our cards thicker and ‘more pretty’.


Then we wrote letters to family and friends on the backside of our postcards. My daughter helped write a sweet little message and then we shared 4 or 5 things we were grateful for in our lives. She did some of the scribe work on the first 2 cards but then she asked for help from me. It was a great team effort.


We had so much fun making sweet little thankful notes! We hope their recipients enjoy them even half as much.


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