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Leaf Match

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Okay this is a first for me. As in I’ve never attempted such a feat in my entire life. I, with AMPLE amounts of help from my friend at Little LDS Ideas, have created my first printable!!! I really did very little of the actual work, it was more of a learning workshop, but man oh man it is a lot of work. I now have a lot more appreciation for all of the amazing people making workshops ever other day like its no big deal. I am getting side tracked…

So here is a little Do-A-Dot activity for you and your old 2 year old through 5 year old to enjoy.   These will help your little match lowercase letters to uppercase letters. I also made a simple 1-6 number match.



  • For the letter matching have your child grab a Do-A-Dot marker, lets say the red one, and pick a letter, lets say ‘T’. Once they mark the uppercase letter with their red marker have them find the lower case ‘t’ and mark it with their red marker again. Now have your little pick a new color and letter. At the end of the activity they should have 6 different letters marked in 6 different colors.
  • For the number matching again have your child pick a Do-A-Dot marker. Now let them choose a number they want to match. If they pick the number 4 they then need to find a leaf with 4 black dots on it. Your child to mark both leaves with the same color, then pick out a new color.

This activity is not open ended. It has a specific task your little is supposed to accomplish. I mostly post about activities that are more child led but these parent led activities have their place too!

I worked in a developmental preschool once that did only child lead activities. The children were in heaven, but I felt they graduated preschool not have a firm knowledge of their letters or numbers. In my preschool I try to have a majority of the time a child led free time. But the last hour of school is teacher led learning where I would introduce an activity like this to easily discern what a child might know.

Get your free printable HERE.


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