Art Activities

Q-tip Tree Painting

Have you ever tried painting with your littles? Children LOVE painting, probably because it is one of the messiest art experiences! Ha. This little activity gets the painting in with a small level mess.



  • washable paint
  • q-tips
  • paper with a leafless tree (draw or print)
    • I love Glued To My Crafts Blog. I have used this tree print for 10 different activities! HERE is the link.
  • tape

I put a nickel sized drop of each color my girls might want to decorate their fall trees. Then I added a q-tip to each color

Next I taped down their paper. This helps alleviate any frustration of the paper getting stuck to the wet q-tip.

Before starting I had my girls look out the window and we talked about what colors we saw. Then we talked about how the leaves looked tiny from so far away. I told my girls that we can use the q-tips to make polkadots, which look like the small leaves we see on our tree. TIP: the polkadot idea is JUST an idea, it wasn’t a rule. Sometimes it is hard when we, as the adult are picturing what the finished product will look like, and we try to enforce some silly rule on our children creative process. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! Just let them craft as they want!

I love this activity because it uses very little paint. It makes little hands work on holding a writing instrument the current way. It has us looking outside and observing our world around us. I also love the my children can be as careful, or as crazy as they want with their dots, and it still turns out pretty!

This activity is also fun to repeat in spring and summer! I hope your little enjoy using something new to make their mark with paint!

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