Art Activities

Halloween Puppets

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My daughter came home, from preschool, with a pumpkin bat and she has been flying it around all afternoon. It gave me an idea to let the girls make their own little halloween critter puppets. This is a simple activity you can probably make with things you already have.


  • Markers (we used slick stix)
  • Glue
  • Scrap pieces (Foam, tissue paper, small shapes cut out of paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glitter (not pictured)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Halloween shapes (best on thicker paper)


I’m spoiled and have a Cricut. I made a few halloween cut outs with it for the girls to use. You could very easily print out a few halloween shapes and cut them out. Or you could even draw your halloween critters.


I had my hands full with the littlest family member so I was pretty hands off with this activity, but my girls were just as happy. Once you do a few open ended art activities with your child/children they won’t ask what they are supposed to do, they will just get busy being creative.


I started the activity by providing a few markers, some glue and some scraps. Don’t overwhelm your child by putting too many materials in easy reach right away. I kept the scissors and glitter out of reach for the beginning.

Have you used Crayola’s Slick Sticks? My girls love how smooth they go on. They do smear a bit so don’t have your children in white…learned that the hard way! Link Here. They are so much fun for all ages. And especially nice that they don’t dry out if a certain someone refuses to put lids on.

After almost 45 minutes of coloring, glueing, discussing we added popsicle sticks and turned our cute halloween shapes into puppets. Then obviously we had to play with them.


After a good play session we pulled out the craft scissors and glitter glue. This easily added another 30 minutes onto our play.

For glitter I personally love the liquid form, its no messier than glue. Link Here Underneath their simple pop off lids there is a fine point so only a small amount can come out at a time. Before I unleash my littles with the glitter I remind them if they do BIG globs it takes a lot longer to dry…which means it takes a lot longer to be able to play with what they are working on. I also bring out the wet wipes, just plan on it being a bit messier and you won’t be caught unprepared. After glitter we set the puppets aside and let them dry for a bit.

In the end we had a small army of “spookies” to play with. This is one activity my husband even got in on. I can honestly say the whole family was happy to participate. And don’t you just love the end results?





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