Art Activities

Leaf Tracing

I love an activity that is more than just one step. This activity will get you out of the house. First you and your sweet things need to go hunting for some leaves. Pick out some different types and shapes to make your tracing more interesting. A good leaf fight might be in order at this point? Just an idea!

What you need:

  • Leaves – Different shapes and sizes
  • Crayons
  • Printer Paper
  • Not pictured – tape


This is an oldie but a goodie. You simply “hide” your leaves under your paper and do some tracing. TIP: To add a little fine motor strengthening to the activity allow your little to peel the paper off the crayon. This takes a lot of concentration and pincher like action with their fingers.


After about a minute we discovered that it would be easier if we taped down the sides of the paper to keep it in place. This took a little wok off of mommy, because other wise we were holding down the paper the whole time.

My 4 year old was able to apply enough pressure to make the leaf appear. My 2 year old daughter and nephew needed a little assistance. For them we just had them put their hands on the crayon and then put our hands over theirs and helped pushed down. You could have them stand, or kneel on their chair to get a bit more leverage.

Have your children pick out different styles of leaves, different shapes and sizes. Also using a different color for each leaf will add to the layering effect on their paper, and it looks oh so pretty.

This activity also gives you a perfect opportunity to talk about the different things we see on our leaf trace, the shape, the veins, the stem. My daughter said she could see a star in her leaf. We talked about how some leaves have a round shape and others are sharp. How some have thick stems and other thin. All of this talk had some great vocabulary and great discoveries!


Want more leaf activities? Check out Leaf Punching and Leaf Art!

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