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Leaf Art

This is an activity that I have no problem sitting down and participating in. I love getting crafty with my sweet girls! I have seen leaves be made into animals, patterns, layered, painted on, cut up tiny. There are so many options.

What you need:

  • More leaves – get out there and do some collecting!
  • Paper – we added some sticky paper which was a HUGE hit. Contact paper would work too.
  • Glue – Mod Podge and a paint brush are fun
  • Additional art tools
    • crayons/markers
    • scissors
    • scraps
    • glitter
    • stickers
    • tissue paper
    • sequin
    • foam pieces

First my girls did some coloring on their leaves.  My 2 year old did this for over 15 minutes.  Then the scissors came out. Who knew leaves were so fun to snip?

Then we glued down, or stuck to contact paper, some of the things we’d worked on.

My oldest loved cutting the different colored leaves.  She focused for 20 minutes on this art work alone!  Isn’t it beautiful? After a lot of cutting she added a couple sequins to liven it up. (I still can’t get over that red leaf with the green veins!!!)

This was a really fun activity to collaborate on. My daughter and I sat side by side deciding where each leaf should go. I would apply the glue and then she would add the leaf.We would decide together what color would look best next to the green leaf. I had so much fun…and my daughter was happy too. Ha! We were at this for an hour, and that doesn’t include the leaf hunting process that took place this morning.

Want more leaf activities? Check out Leaf Punching.

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