Learning Activities · Small Manipulatives

Pompom Tube Slide 

This activity is always a favorite. I mean who doesn’t like a good marble run gone DIY? This activity can teach cause and effect, the effects of gravity, problem solving and also a bit of work on colors.

First gather a couple pompoms, we chose yellow and blue.wp-image-454899915jpg.jpg

To build your ramp you can use any house hold items you have, as you can see we pulled out cardboard, toilet paper rolls, some large tubbing and a noodle sliced in half.

Now depending on the age of your child you can do this part by yourself, that is the case with my 2 year old. Or you can have your child help you set up the course, age 4 and older. The great thing with having your child help is there is a lot of trial and error. There are lots of opportunities to make decisions about where a tube should go and how much tape is needed. This type of play is fantastic for an older child.

I wanted my toddler to work on colors so we wrapped one tube in yellow and one in blue. We placed each of these colored tubes at the top of each course.

Then we scattered the pompoms across the floor. I did this part at night so the girls could be surprised by this activity.

As soon as the girls woke up they grabbed a cup and started collecting the pompoms. It was nice to have a cup with the right color. Each girl was able to collect their own color. You could easily wrap a cup with what ever color you are choosing to work on.


Both girls quickly caught on to which color went where. They also had fun trying to get their cup in the right spot so the pompoms landed in it. (My younger daughter, the one I planned the activity for, was busy having a melt down in the kitchen about their being no more waffles so she is absent from the photoshoot. By the time she was ready to participate I was nursing the babe.)

This activity was fun to leave up on the wall for a a few days because it would draw my girls back in. My older daughter rearranged the tubes after a couple of days which was fun to watch. I love when an activity can help a child work on many different areas.

This activity works on large and small motor skills, colors, counting, cause and effect, decision making, and trial and error to name a few.

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