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Top 5 Sanity Saver Toys

(This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. What that means is if you click and purchase something I will get a percentage of that sale. I participate in affiliate sales to help support my blog and to keep it running.)
I feel like there are a few toys I like maybe even more than my children, because they give me a few minutes to myself when my children are playing with them. I thought I would share my most affordable favorites.

Art Case

These make a little crafting so easy and manageable. I pull out my girls little cases at the dinner table while I am prepping dinner. Then the girls have everything they need to paint, color and cut a little picture.

This one is great for my toddler! Link Here

One of my favorite parts of this case is there is an extra pocket I fill with stickers or a glue stick.


We have a bit more sophisticated one for my older girl. Link Here


Pearler Beads

Here is a kit, it contains the peg boards AND some of the beads. Link Here

This kit is perfect for 3-4 or 5. There are a couple cute pegboards and some beads. This will keep my munchkin busy for 30 minutes easy. The beads are small so if you have a 3 or 4 year old that is easily frustrated this might not be the toy for them. Other wise it is the perfect way to work on fine motor skills WHILE playing.


For an older child I might do something more like this. There are square boards that you can create your own patterns, or get a pattern book. (I know you can also print off patterns online.) Then you can grab a tray of different colored beads. Link Here

Water WOW

These are magical! I love them because they fit in a diaper bag or purse. That makes them easy to use while waiting for dinner while out to eat or while in church. The best part is after your little paints all over one page it dries in a few minutes and they can paint it again. Also they have little things you need to look for in each picture. Link Here

TIP: This book keeps my girls attention for 10 minutes easy but I can keep them entertained another 20 with the brush alone. We paint our nails, put on makeup, fix owies, all with the magical water brush!!!


Magic Moves

We love this thing!  My sister got it for the girls last Christmas and is still popular.  It is also popular with my preschool boys.  I mean what’s not to like about stopping around like a dinosaur?  My 2 year old adores it too!  One of my favorite things is how simple it is.  We have brought it to prior concerts to kill time before the show starts.  My girls love to bring it to our park that has a stage.  I even use it in the kitchen while I’m finishing up dinner. Link here.

Busy Books

This one surprised me by making the list but they have become dearly beloved over here. I love them because you can get one perfect for your child!  My older daughter has a Frozen and Lion Guard. My younger loves her Mickey Clubhouse and My Little Pony ones.

If I were to go to the store to but 2 or 3 characters, for done dramatic play toys I would easily spend 10+ dollars.  These busy books are 9-12 bucks for 12 characters and a little play mat. (I have always bought my Busy Books at Barnes and Noble and they are always $9.95)

Right now the lion guard and some ponies are protecting a fisher price castle in my living room. They are also great bath toys.  As a preschool teacher I also LOVE the little characters for imaginative play in our sensory table.  They are small and easily washed.

These books are also easy to take places, car trips, grandma’s house, the bathroom floor while mom tries to shower in peace.  Link Here.



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