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Mini Books

I love these little book! I think it is because they can be whatever you and your child need them to be…and they are freaky easy. Together you and your child will make them a small book that is all their own. Then you can let your child fill it with what ever is floating their boat or a topic you are focusing on. We’ve made books on cheetahs, ducks, manners, books for doodles and favorite characters. This activity helps children recognize what makes a book, print awareness, writing, planning, story telling, art and creativity.

What you will need:

  • White paper
  • Card stock
  • Paper slicer/scissors
  • Stapler (alternatively: hole punch and string)


What mommy does: (older children can assist in this)

  • I cut 4 pieces of printer paper in half (5 1/2″ by 8″) and lined them up.
  • Next I cut the card stock to 6″ by 9″
  • Fold both the card stock and the white paper in half
  • Place the white paper inside the card stock and staple in the middle
  • If you chose to hole punch just punch a hole in the top and bottom and tie with stringwp-1475104839822.jpg

Now you have a beautiful little book that is ready for your little to fill with all sorts of goodies!

Last week my girl was working on letters and “homework” this is what came of that book. She is VERY proud of it. For an open ended experience I provided markers, scrap paper, scissors, tape and I ended up writing a lot words down for her to copy. If you set up your book activity this way be willing to run and grab anything that might help extend the activity, tape, stickers, colored pencils etc.

Today I printed off some of my daughters favorite characters from shows she watches and she could hardly wait to make her next book! She helped cut up the pictures and glued them on.


There was a lot of decision making that went into this. Where was she going to put each picture. We also printed off a lot of phrases that she had chosen, “Owlette is my favorite PJ Mask”. That was a fun addition, it added a lot of chance to work on sounding out words, putting together sentences, putting pictures with phrases. This kept her glueing and coloring and adding words to her book for 30 minutes. And she’s only filled half the pages and has grand plans for tomorrow!

My toddler loves this activity too! She carries her finished books around like gold! Here she is working on gluing in her cheetah. At 2 she loves to glue, color, work on cutting with scissors, and work on writing little squiggles she calls E’s and I’s. I will help her by writing words of what she tells me is on the picture. Even this simple step can help with print recognition!

Another way we have done these mini books is to hope on the computer together and do a little research on a favorite topic. Both my girls are obsessed with cheetahs. So we looked up some fun facts. We learned that cheetahs run as fast as 75 miles an hour, which is faster than we are allowed to drive our car in town. My daughter drew a car and we printed off a picture of a cheetah running and glued it down. I helped her to write down the fact she wanted on each page. In the end she, and I, had learned a lot about her favorite animal AND she had a book she had made that she loved to everyone.

How else might you use these mini books?


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