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Bottle Cap Letters

This is one of my favorite ways to work on our ABC’s for ages 2 through 5. It is so simple and so many ways to play so lets get you your own set of Bottle Cap ABC’s!

Firstly find the inner hoarder in you and start collecting milk cap lids, or juice. Whatever your family uses. It is nice if they are all the same shape. You can ask a friend or neighbor to save theirs as well to hurry up the process.

Once you have the caps you have a few choices.

  • You can grab some 1″ label stickers and write your letters on with a permanent marker. The benefit to this is you can make each letter look just the way you want. A lot of fonts have fancy letters that are not as easily recognized by younger children.
  • You can write the letters directly onto you bottle cap if you don’t want to find the stickers.
  • You can find the right sized letter stickers, in a favorite color even
  • Or you can print off the ABC’s and cut out each letter to glue on to the caps. (Blessed Beyond a Doubt has a cute set ready for you! Link Here)

Choose what works best for you and you should have your own set of Bottle Cap letters in no time.

These little beauties have so many possibilities.

  • Add them to most sensory activities to invite letter recognition into the play
  • Work on picking out the alphabet, letters in a name or letter of the week
  • Make your own worksheets by writing letters down and having your little match the bottle cap to the sheet
  • Make a set of upper and lower case letters and have your child match them in pairs
  • You can use these to work on the sounds the letter make, offer your child 2 letters and ask them to point to the one that makes the ssss sound
  • Work on spelling by telling your child what letter comes next in a sight word and asking them to find it
  • Have your child line up the alphabet and then remove 3 or 4 letters and have your child figure out which one is missing and then where it goes

There is something magical about making something hands on with children. When I was teaching preschool I often had children begging to bring home these small manipulatives. Especially the boys in my classes. They love these oh-so-simple DIY letters.

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