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A Peek Into My Preschool Room

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Now if you clicked on this post I hope you are here to get a few ideas for your own home. I want you to know that I have done all of these activities BEFORE I had a fancy preschool room. You do not need a specified writing center or block area to do any of the activities I post about. I just thought it might be fun to give readers a look around the room my children and I use.

Here is a shot of my beloved preschool room. One of my favorite parts of the room is the cork board on half the walls.Here is a better picture, when we had just finished the room.

If I had one piece of advice to you it would be to make a place in your house to show off projects your little one is especially proud of. I love that my girls can help grab a pin and stick it on the board themselves. My other favorite part of the room is the cement floors! My other advice is to do any messy art activities or sensory activities over hard floor, or better yet outside. I promise taking the extra step to think of what cleanup will look like will make your life that much easier!

In the back corner of the room their is the sensory table. I put it by the door leading to our bathroom. It has made clean up a lot easier.

My FAVORITE part about the water table is the lid you see against the wall, to the left.  I leave it off when the sensory item isn’t too messy, like pom poms. But if I have rice or sand in the table I’d put the lid on and only take it off if I were there to supervise…my 2 year old. Here is a link to a post on how to pick a sensory table for your family.

Next to the sensory table there is my little art table. This is placed very close to the art shelves. I love to wrap my art tables in paper to keep my tables a bit cleaner in the long run. The art shelf is a free for all.

The preschool children, and my girls,  never need to ask to use anything on any of the shelves. It is important to have some basics in your art arsenal: something to draw on (paper, plates, scrapbook paper), something for children to make their mark (markers, pens, crayons), a way to connect scraps (glue, tape),  a way to take apart work (scissors), and then some fun additions that you can switch out (stickers, foam pieces, paper punches, glitter). If I didn’t have my pretty little shelf I might do a cart or a tote I could store all my goodies in!

71V0kJq2gYL._SL1500_ 718Mc6sGlbL._SL1000_ I promise this will help make set up and clean up a lot easier. You could keep all your basics in one place and add to it as the activity needs.

On one side of the room is my long writing table. Usually I have it pulled away from the wall but lately we’ve needed more space at the rug area so we pushed the table. Here we do any activities that strengthen small motor skills, focus on letters or numbers, encourage concentration, or encourage writing or reading skills.

On the other side of the room there is a large comfortable rug and another shelving unit. On these shelves I keep any items children might want to use on the rug. A lot of these items are small manipulatives. I have a few different types of blocks and cars in the shelves at all times. I like to switch out some of the other items as children’s interest wanes or depending on our topic we are learning about.Right now we added our little train table to the rug.  The girls have been playing with smaller magnets and I wanted them to be found easier for clean up.

Directly outside the preschool room is the area I use for dramatic play. Here I set up an area for the children to role play and be more physically active. There is a lot of imaginative play that goes on in this area. It is also a large enough space for props and dress ups to be used. Any living area could be used as a temporary dramatic play area.



Next to the dramatic play area is our reading area. There is a good selection of children books in an easy to reach area. Here is an area that putting in a little extra effort can make children more interested. I noticed the books don’t get read unless I set them up pretty, like so. This way one of the books catches the eye of a passing child and they can’t help but plop down and read. We also added large pillows for comfort.


That is a quick look around our room. As you may have noticed a lot of our activities happen around our family table as well. That shows you that having a special spot for activities is nice, but any old table will do!

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