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Favorite Child and Family Board Games

(This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. What that means is if you click and purchase something I will get a percentage of that sale. I participate in affiliate sales to help support my blog and to keep it running.)

We are a few weeks away from my littlest girl’s birthday. I have been brainstorming some presents that she might be interested.  While doing this I was thinking about all the great games my family already has and thought I’d share our family favorites with your family.

Peek-A-Doodle-Doo  link here


This game is so fantastic. My favorite part about it is you can make it as simple or as hard as you want. For a shorter, easier game just use half the nests and chickens. For a longer more tricky game use all the pieces and play a few rounds. This game is a memory game. But it is better because new things are always changing and being moved, so it keeps young minds entertained longer. I would say ages 3 to grown ups for this game. Seriously, sometimes my husband and I get competitive over our hidden eggs.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel  link here

71OnyzgQlZL._SL1000_.jpgCould this game be any cuter!? Even my one year old likes to play with these acorns and the sneaky squirrel. This game focuses on learning colors, turn taking and rules. This is one of the first games my girls play and it is such an easy fun one to learn on. My advice on this game, DO NOT baby your baby. If the spinner lands on the option that knocks all the acorns off, have them knock their acorns off. Also model good sportsmanship when the negative things happen to you. This is the PERFECT first game for children to learn how to be okay following ALL the rules. My 4 year old still loves this game. We ended up getting the speed version of this game, The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Card Game. She loves the speed of it and prefers this game over the other, but this game is better for 4 and older.


Spot It  link here


I don’t necessarily think this Spot It is our favorite. Any Spot it makes us happy! We have the original, this one, a princess one and also the alphabet one. I really love them all. My daughters favorite is the princess one but she will happily play any of them. This game helps develop visual perception and cognitive skills. It obviously also encourages young people use  quick mental processing. When playing as a family my husband and I just count 5 seconds before we can yell out the match. With that slight handicap we are starting to get regularly beat by our daughter…maybe only 3 seconds from now on!

Uno link here


A good old classic gone princess. I think my daughter would like normal uno but put some princess’ on it and it is an instant favorite. This game is so good for number recognition and colors. Plus it is one that parents are always happy to play…4 0r 5 times.

Sandwich Stacking Game  link here


This is such a fun game. So there all these fun sandwich toppings along with some bread. Each card has a different sandwich you have to make. There are even 10 different mini games to play. Some are very active and will have you and your little running around. Others involve as many as 10 friends, so its a great game to bring to family outings. We love this game, ages 3 to 100.

Tenzi  link here

31zCamhfHNL.jpgOkay this might be a strange one, but it really can work for young children! If you haven’t played Tenzi it is a speed dice game. There are a hundred different mini games for this game as well. We love this game because it is actually an adult game that you can make work for younger ages. Our 4 year old can play this game and enjoys it. She picks which number she wants to collect and she rolls until she has all 10 dice matching that choice.

I Spy Eagle Eye  link here


This one I love! Have I said that for every one? We bought it at a thrift store and quickly became obsessed. Each card has one thing that matches each board. When you find the match you get the honor of ringing the bell. My 4 year old will sit and play this game by herself for 45 minutes. This is another fun family game. Even my husband doesn’t mind playing  this game on family night.

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